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Top 10 Tools for 10 Different Twitter Tactics

One of the great benefits of Twitter has been the open API that has allowed third party companies to develop apps and tools using the Twitter platform for the benefit of all Twitter users. These have helped enhance the user experience while also helping to improve native Twitter itself.

However despite the great improvements of, more than 60% of Twitter users access Twitter through a third party app. Granted mostly mobile, however many still use third party apps for the extra functionality they offer such as management tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, the latter of which Twitter actually bought out in 2011.

However Twitter tools aren’t merely for ease of use, there are tools that offer much more value to your user experience of Twitter in all the different types of activity you do on Twitter, whether it’s measurement, research or analytics.

‘Twitter tools’ seems to be one of the most commonly used phrases. How often do you see Top 10 even top 100 Twitter tools’ blogposts? The truth is you don’t need to use them all, in fact you may only find one or two very useful. Some tools offer multiple functions, but there are certain tools that are particularly useful for different jobs.