The single-topic blog - favourite examples of humour

An interesting category of blog – usually for light relief – is the single-topic blog.  While you might think it's not easy to write constantly on one single topic, it's often the photographs that make the blog – and if you can engage your readers in submitting their own photographs then you have the makings of an almost-cult!  Tapping into a vein of inexhaustable content – especially humour - and a topic that interests nearly all of us, and you're onto a winner!

A single-topic blog is an extreme example of meme blog posts.  A meme is an idea that spreads across the Internet and engages many bloggers, on their own blogs, in collaborative blog circles or on a single multi-author or multi-contributor blog. Memes include: “4 places I have lived” or “100 books to read before you die” or even "Pictures of cats that look like Hitler"...

Here are some of my favourites, always good for cheering one up after a difficult day when the tech won't work for you...   Perhaps you have to visit them to understand..

Awkward Family Photos with a tacky design to match the content.

Cake wrecks Photos of really bad professionally made decorated cakes

Failblog Pictures of things that have gone wrong...

OK, this one isn't a blog, but it meets all the other criteria
Animals on the underground Can you see an animal in the London tube map?

A single-topic blog has advantages for the blogger of being easily optimised for search engines, of having a clear attraction for advertisers and - when a critical mass of readers/contributors have been reached – easily updated.  A really strong and amusing concept could make your name – maybe. Humour has to work with your target audience.


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