Twitter launches new profiles with Facebook style cover photos

Here is what your Twitter profile will now look like on the new mobile Twitter apps! Twitter announced on their blog earlier today the new re-design with the new update for the official mobile and iPad apps.


The major change is the addition of a 'header' photo as you can see with mine above, with much the same effect as your Facebook Timeline cover photo. This design is also set to be replicated for native Twitter as all profiles will have the same design. Twitter say they want 'express who you are more meaningfully on Twitter.' 

The photos you have shared on Twitter will also be able to be viewed on the same photostream by scrolling through. The new change is also interesting as it has moved the position of your Twitter bio. You now need to scroll on the photostream to be able to see your Twitter bio, making it less easily accessible. It will be interesting to see if this will be the same on, as it will make it a little more time consuming to navigate to user bios. 

The change you can notice at the moment on is the new 'Me' tab which allows you to navigate to your profile page with ease, as the profile icon at the top right of the page is now a settings cog where you can edit your profile.


We're looking forward to seeing how these new profiles will look on native Twitter!


New profiles now live on native Twitter! To activate the new profile just click on the cog icon on the top right of your homepage and select 'Edit Profile'. Click through to the 'Design' section and from there you can upload your header image.


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