Awesome New Tab Page - An alternative to iGoogle

If you have been on any of our social media courses either delivered online or in person, it’s likely that you will have heard us discuss the importance of sourcing relevant content to share with your audience on social media.

One of the big 5 questions people always ask us in relation to social media is what will I say?

We emphasise the importance of using dashboards to manage your social media, and as part of these dashboards there is often some integration of RSS Feeds. RSS readers allow the web come to you, help you keep on top of the latest developments in your industry and other areas of interest, helping you to find that relevant content for your social media audience.

One of the main customisable dashboards with RSS we have recommended is iGoogle. iGoogle offers the best customisable dashboard with different ‘gadgets’ with RSS feeds from particular blogs and websites, social media feeds, Google alert feeds , your Gmail account and almost any other ‘gadget’ you could possibly think of. Unfortunately iGoogle will cease to exist from 1st November 2013.

What is likely to take over the space iGoogle has left is a new Google Chrome extension very fittingly named ‘Awesome New Tab Page’. (You may notice the uncanny similarity of the design to that of the new Windows 8)

As brilliant as iGoogle is, the main issue with it is the set up time when installing different gadgets including RSS readers in order to customise your homepage. Awesome New Tab is much easier to customise and has a much more pleasing and interchangeable interface as icons can be moved around with ease and widgets added in seconds.

Integration with Chrome apps

A main part of the appeal of Awesome New Tab Page is the Google Chrome integration, as it is my browser of choice, and I already use many different Chrome apps. If you already use Google Chrome and have apps installed, they are stored for you and you can easily drag them anywhere on to your homepage so you do not lose anything and have a complete homepage, whether it’s your Gmail, Google Drive or any other type of Chrome app you have installed.

The Google Reader app can easily be added to this homepage, meaning that you never have to go to a different dashboard, as all the content links are on every new tab you open. What is fantastic about Google Chrome is that it uses widgets and development is actively encouraged, so new widgets will always be developed to improve your experience, which is why we think this new Chrome app will meet your past requirements met by iGoogle.

There are some other alternatives on the market including NetVibes and which will do the job for you if you’re not a Chrome user, however I very much recommend that you become one. The development of different Google apps and intelligent docs that you can incorporate into your work processes help to substantially enhance your web experience and productivity.

As different software and cloud apps/websites continue to battle to be our first port of call when we go online, it is important to find the system that suits you and makes it easier for you to navigate to the sites you want to in one click and use the content that is coming through your streams rather than searching for the content yourself. It is amazing how many Internet users still start their activity online with the blank Google homepage. Save yourself time and make finding content and the sites you need to use easier by finding a dashboard that suits you.

Do you think Awesome New Tab Page will provide you with an adequate alternative to iGoogle?


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